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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Inspiration Post "Candyland!!"

Hey everyone! March is on it's way out which means it was about time for me to write my monthly "Inspiration Post!" Once a month I promise to bring you a theme and a collection of 5 things that inspire me in hopes to inspire you! If you are no artist I hope what I bring at least brightens your day a bit :) This month's theme is one of my favorite board games "Candyland!"

If you're not familiar with the Hasbro game you draw cards to race your little plastic gingerbread man around a world filled with candy until you reach the finish!! My family owned the 1984 version and I loved playing it with my brother. I admired the characters illustrated on the board like "Queen Frostine," "Jolly," and "Princess Lolli!" Scroll down to start your journey through candy coated inspiration!!

Board games are so much fun . . .until you lose their pieces. What do you do with them then? Not many people look at their old toys and think, "this would make a great purse!!" This little bag features an original panel from the game that unfolded to create your full-size game board. The hot pink handles and rainbow heart fabric coordinate almost perfectly with the artwork. Karen Dulak earns a spot in this post for finding an inspiring way to upcycle a vintage 1984 Candyland game board!! Time to start looking at those old games differently!!

This wouldn't be my blog without some inclusion of either a cake, cupcake or cookie on the "Inspiration Post!" These two cute gingerbread game pieces are a fun EDIBLE take on the little plastic ones that are essential to your Candyland journey. The contrasting hues of cookie and frosting prove you don't need ten thousand colors to make your pieces pop! Not only that but their dynamic pose is more fun than a stagnant standing gingerbread. Craving more crazy cookies?? Check out Polka-dot Zebra's full Flickr stream for more creative confections!!

You got your Candyland bag, cookies and you're ready to head out the door and drive your Candyland car. Yes, that's right a Candyland car. Granted it's an "Art Car" that was featured in Houston's Art Car Parade back in 2010 but it fits right in with our theme. I applaud the artist on taking an entire automobile and transforming it into a kid-friendly candy-coated set of wheels!! The colors are vibrant, the candy looks good enough to eat and it maintains iconic trademarks of the Candyland brand! What would you create if you had an entire car to work your artistic magic on?

Alright so the "Candyland" brand has been encapsulated into a cookie and a car but what about having one of the tiniest canvases in the world?? IceomaticsNails rose to the challenge when it came to designing some Candyland nail art!! She decided to feature one of the game characters "Queen Frostine" on one nail and add stripes reminiscent of peppermint sticks to the rest of her hand. Simple and straight forward with a dedication to detail this nail art inspires me to think differently about working on the smallest of scales!!

And last but definitely not least a complete re-imagining of the board game Candyland. This artwork by Shira-chan on DeviantArt. What I normally imagine to be cheery and sugary becomes a candy inspired nightmare!! Talk about a complete 180!! What once was a happily skipping boy and girl is now a heavily armed duo ready to make their way through "Candyland." Not only that but for any budding artist interested in creating works in a style similar to this there is a link to a  walkthrough from idea to final piece included!!

Thanks for sticking around for another "Inspiration Post" guys and gals!! If your imaginations are hungry for more inspiration be sure to check out the Pinterest board I have dedicated to "Inspiration" full of stuff that I love and some stuff that didn't make this month's cut. Go to (and feel free to follow) to check it out!! Hope everyone has a great week!


howtoscreenplay said...

My favorite is the purse!!! That is awesome!

Also, the guy in the hat with the goatee on the left side of the girl looks like Leonardo DiCaprio from "Django Unchained"!

Anonymous said...

I grew up loving the hell out of Candyland. I'm pretty sure that Queen Frosteen was my first (of many) irrational cartoon character crushes. The new designs don't have nearly the same charm as the old boards do though. Lord licorice has had his menace toned down by minimum 30%.

Laura said...

Kara, You're right he DOES look like Leo!! Lord Licorice was such a creeper. I definitely wanted to be Princess Lolli or Queen Frostine and still do. I loved the gumdrop guy for being purple and the giant puddle of chocolate fudge because I loved mud LOL.

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